First Breath Afrter Coma + Banda de Música de Mateus

Artista: First Breath Afrter Coma, Banda de Música de Mateus

Ano de Lançamento: 2020

Nº Catálogo: OR 39/20


  1. The Upsetters
  2. Howling For a Chance
  3. Gold Morning Days
  4. Please Dont Leave
  5. Seven Seas
  6. Apnea
  7. Change
  8. Uneasy
  9. Almadraba
  10. Salty Eyes
  11. Heavy
  12. I Dont Want Nobody
  13. Feathers and Wax
  14. Blup


Song by First Breath After Coma
Arranjed by Carlos Pinto Pereira (Banda de Música de Mateus)
Camera: Fábio Guarda, Sara Reis, Tiago Gomes
Editor: Tiago Gomes
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paulo Mouta Pereira
Omnichord Records, 2020

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